“Body and Soul” Collection

As I walk on the stretch of the Malecon seawall, the Havana skyline comes into full view. On a breezy sunny day, I stop to admire the city by the sea. Sprawling in front of me is an eclectic feast: contrasts of history, architecture, colors, light and people. A pelican flies by as I look up to the sky. The sunshine hits, and I close my eyes. For that instant, the sounds of the city and the smell of seawater, the full essence of my beautiful Havana comes to be. Our “Body and Soul” collection is an ode to our city. We are inspired and propelled by the everyday contrasts that set Havana apart. A cityscape: magical, lost in time, full of life, surrounded by crumbling nostalgia, all within the endless summer and the light that vibrates against the city walls. Its music, dancing, laughter, comes and goes and gives it life.
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